Jane Diamond

Certified Health & Wellness Coach | Master Personal Trainer

“I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity of transforming 1000’s of people to sustain lasting health and wellness and live a happy, healthier more productive life.”


Sometimes life surprises, as in the case of Jane Diamond. A horrific car accident in her early twenties resulted in a serious injury. She spent over two years in and out of the hospital – in and out of body casts, bedridden, experiencing one setback after another.

When her surgeon gave her the go ahead to begin rehabilitation, she joined a local health club.  During a class, the instructor had an emergency; Jane filled in and loved every minute of teaching. Thus, a brilliant career in health and fitness began. She was so connected to the healing process through proper exercise and training but additionally wanted the science and education that went along with resiliency, passion and perseverance.

A superb motivator, her drive and dedication to helping people achieve maximum health and wellness has resulted in a career that continues to inspire. After graduating with a degree in Communications from Temple University in Philadelphia, she has pursued continued education and training in the health and wellness arena for over two decades. She provides her clients a pathway for purpose, action and goal accomplishment.

Jane is a Master Personal Trainer, with specialty recognition in Strength and Conditioning, a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, from the Wellcoaches School of Coaching, and has completed training programs in Coaching in Medicine and Leadership from Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital’s Institute of Coaching.

As a driven leader in the health and wellness industry, Jane developed an innovative program style that produced visible results in a very short period of time. Her expertise includes fitness training with specialties in strength, conditioning and rehabilitation. Her new passion is creating carefully designed programs for the “over 55” community.

As a practitioner of her own programs, she remains active, healthy and exercises regularly to increase lean muscle mass, protect the brain and build capacity and endurance. Jane clearly understands the reality of aging while thriving and how the body does not respond like it did in our 30’s and 40’s. Her new “Fantastic Over Fifty-Five” program addresses issues of bone density and decreased muscle mass. She incorporates cardiovascular activities to combat many health risks including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and depression all while increasing brain health and function.

As a Wellness Coach she guides her clients through a path of passion and persistence to successfully accomplish their goals, stand up against struggles and become bolder and inspire others.

Her background as a life long orthopedic patient only serves to deepen her sense of empathy for her clients and proves extremely valuable in her work with many individuals who have not exercised, are fearful of becoming injured, don’t know how and where to begin and those recovering from injury or illness.

She has lead programs with employees from Fortune 100 companies, and since most people spend the majority of their time in the workplace, her credo is “Wellness is a business strategy. Happy challenged people make the world a better place.”She has appeared on FOX, ABC and WMCN-TV and has been featured in numerous online publications including the Today Show, BuzzFeed and Thrive Global.


BA Communications
Temple University

Master Personal Trainer

 Certificate: Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare
Certificate: Coaching in Medicine and Leadership
Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Wellcoaches School of Coaching, Wellesley, MA

Executive Coach – Leadership and Organizational Development
Newfield Network / Villanova University

Corporate Health & Wellness Strategist


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