Daily Tips to Create Healthy Habits

Daily Tips to Create Healthy Habits: Practice, Repetition and Consistency are key in the process.

  • Movement is the medicine for your body and mind –¬†Exercise improves everything: from circulation and, weight management to mood and energy. Exercise is also one of the most powerful tolls to increase our ability to learn, analyze and retain what we have learned. Test your knowledge after exercise, you will be amazed at how much more you remember and understand
  • Success in all domains of life comes to people who describe themselves as happy – The connection between happiness and success is profound. If your emotional temperature needs a boost, think about things that give you positive emotions. Express gratitude by saying it out loud and writing it down, savor happy memories, exercise, and forgive. We are strongly influenced by what others do. Surround yourself with happy people. We are happiest when we are challenged, inspire passion, purpose and connect with others.
  • Dieting Myth – At any given time, over 100 million American are on a diet. So many people believe that successful weight management is about suffering; not eating, depriving ourselves of the things we enjoy most and exercising until we are exhausted. In fact, we spend an incredible amount of time trying to minimize suffering looking for quick fixes that can never sustain changes in our behavior. People who succeed in weight loss and sustaining a healthy weight have developed self-regulation skills, mindfulness and a specific action plan which supports this personal level of commitment.
  • Ready and Prepare your Environment – Our habits (good or not so good) are often influenced by what we have in our surroundings. They provide us with cues towards our behavior. For example, if I keep cookies and chips in my snack cabinet – every time I open the cabinet it will remind me that this is what I want to eat. If I open my refrigerator and there is fruit – this will be the snack I grab. If I keep my gym bag at the door or in my office it becomes my reminder to participate and exercise. When do you shop for food and when do you cook and prepare? Think about other things in your environment such as photos and screen savers that support your goal.
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