Family Exercise Tips

Kids and Parents exercising together —- More than Fun!

One of the best ways to get your kids to start exercising with you is to lead by example. Let them see you exercise and how it makes you feel and look, how your energy increases, your mood improves and you are more alert, engaged and happier.

Exercising together creates a bond especially as your kids get into the more difficult confusing teenage years. It teaches the importance of exerting effort onto your body so you can perform at the things you want to do while it improves your cognitive/brain power skills as well.

Family Exercise time together helps to lighten the mood and helps us to be more playful and light. This creates easier ways to communicate together and share vulnerabilities, which enhance our connections to each other and provide emotional safety to our children. This facilitates a perfect setting for your child to share some of their concerns about what is happening in their world.

One of the most important life skills our children can learn from exercising together is how important resiliency and grit are strengthened and the experience and benefits of hard work; goal setting and goal accomplishment are to happiness.

  • There are great ways to incorporate physical activity into your kid’s routine. Plan family walks, runs or football and basketball games after diner. Kids enjoy companionship and friendly challenges.
  • Don’t let weather effect you; family time can be fun time! Indoor rock climbing, skating, boxing, or swimming classes; find activities that are age appropriate. Let your kids pick the activity and allow them to invite a friend for additional participation and motivation.
  • Fitness challenges to support a cause are becoming more and more popular for our teens and provide feelings of gratitude and empathy that they can participate in an event to help others.
  • There are amazingly fun, easy and challenging family physical activities that are appropriate for all different age levels. Family touch football games or catches, basketball and relay races can be played at almost any age. As parents, we can create competition and also tie the exercise into initial rewards for their hard work.
  • As a family, along with some of my son’s friends we play a weekly broom ball game, which is incredibly active, competitive and fun! This also gives me an opportunity to meet the people in my son’s social circle.
  • Low cost terrific family activities include musical chairs, stop dance, hula-hoops, relay races, family rock band, wall ball, sock gliding exercises and competitive minute to win it games.

Any of these games can be made into competitions and goal setting wins. Have your family notice how much more energized and focused they feel. Physically active kids who regularly exercise improve memory and thinking skills. So, as parents it’s very important to make sure you schedule your activities regularly and consistently. It should become part of the family’s weekly schedule. Creating habits that require learning and skill building helps to create resiliency and confidence. These are great life skills to foster and practice.

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