My Favorite Tips For This Holiday Season

Spending the holidays with extended family can turn joyous special occasions into a stressful, high anxiety, over eating, never ending events.For the sake of staying out of my comfy sweatpants here are my favorite tips that keep me in my best shape and still allow me to enjoy the holidays!

The first thing I do is make sure that my regular time to exercise stays on my calendar. Finding a routine that has kept me energized, strong and feeling fit was hard work. Maintaining my schedule keeps me mindful and focused. It also provides me with a sense of freedom – this decision has been made so I do not have to think about it anymore.

During the holiday season my client schedule is a little lighter.  I always invite my family, friends and clients to join me in activities. This creates stronger relationships and bonding.

Just as encourage my clients to eat meals sitting down at the table, I adhere to my own advice.  This helps to prevent me from mindlessly picking at food and consuming extra calories. It also keeps me attentive to what I am eating. It marks the beginning and end of a meal. This can have a big impact, because appetites are often dictated by what’s going on in your immediate environment.

Although I enjoy the change of seasons, I am not a cold weather person.  During the holiday season I always try something new in fitness. This gives me an opportunity to learn and grow. My health and fitness does not hibernate during this time of year.

If I am asked to bring a dish to a holiday party, I make something that is healthy and low in calories that I enjoy eating.

I also do some extra cooking during this time of year and make soups and stews. They freeze great and give me meal choices when my client schedule increases at the beginning of the new year.

I stay away and never stand near chips and dips at any party. I love salt and I cannot eat just one!


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