The Foundation of Goal Accomplishment

Creating the Right Goal can make tremendous differences in your life and set you up for future success and happiness and here is how we do so:

  • Success in all domains of life comes to people who describe themselves as happy. The connection between happiness and success is profound. If you know that you need to be a little bit happier or feel you have lost your spark or zest try some happiness boosters. Think about things that gave you positive emotions, express gratitude, give to others, exercise, savor happy memories, and forgive. The happier we feel in life, the more creative, resilient, and competent we become.
  • Choose the right goal! What does the goal mean to you – does it have great value and provide motivation? Is it challenging enough so it produces better resiliency and skills?
  • What is your vision? What do you want to happen – how do you take action?
  • Write down your goals. Writing out your goals gives you clarity and helps you spot value and conflicts and provides feedback that you will need.
  • Goals need to be measurable. Your success needs to me measured along the way. This is a great way to find out what is working and what changes you may need to take.
  • What does your environment look like? Do people that support your intentions surround you? Can you ask for help? Reaching out can be one of the best ways to spread optimism and create joy for others involved and also energize you.
  • Know thyself. Are you a risk taker? Can you step out and make yourself uncomfortable – can you self regulate? Can you play bigger?
  • How do you follow through and persevere? Are you resilient, gritty and optimistic about your future?
  • Relish accomplishments. We are happiest when we are challenged, inspire passion and purpose and connect with others.
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