The Holiday Eating Nightmare

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Thank you Andy Williams, but America’s waistline would tend to disagree. Spending the holidays with family and friends can turn into an eating mindless frenzy; from office Christmas parties, to your Aunt’s famous pecan pie, American’s can gain an average of 3-6 pounds during the Holiday season beginning from Thanks Giving through New Years. For the sake of keeping us all out of sweatpants for 2017 I have put a few tips together to help us get through these next weeks easily.

My first suggestion, which I say every year is “Don’t Gain Any Weight”. This may sound simple however the average person during the holiday season takes a vacation from their personal health and wellness habits and can gain on average 3-6 pounds. If this is not taken off, it accumulates quite significantly year after year.

Exercise and Keep your Normal Schedule: The holidays are very busy and can be somewhat stressful. It seems that exercise is the first thing to be cut from our scheduled to do list, even for many of us where exercise is a consistent activity during our regular week. Try and maintain this schedule and don’t let all the busyness interfere. Try and keep your exercise schedule just as you would during a normal week.

Gather friends and family to exercise together. Create fun and active playtime with family and friends. Sports competition, games and active playtime build relationships, keep us moving and helps us stay connected without the interference of technology.

Be Mindful of What you are Eating: The best way to gain unwanted pounds during the holidays is to indulge at every party and family event. Be mindful of what you are eating. Awareness changes behaviors.

Make Your Holiday Meals Realistic. It is the holidays, filled with travel; family, friends and connections so don’t be too hard on you. Enjoy your favorite meals but in small portions. Stay away from certain foods and alcohol that could lead you to eat more than you intended.

Create a pre-new years resolution: Write it down and share it with those close to you. This helps you to stay accountable to what you desire for your self.

Sleep: Running on little to no sleep creates more stress. We mistake hunger for being tired, become cranky and less motivated to participate and enjoy all our holiday events. Sleep allows you to deal and manage stress better, which in turn makes a more productive, clear minded, engaged and happier you!

Wishing you all a beautiful holiday filled with Health, Happiness and Joy.

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