The Weight Loss Dilemma … Cardio vs. weight Lifting???

Over my many years of training and coaching I wanted to share with
you a question I have received most, “what’s better for weight loss
cardio or weight lifting”?

It really is a confusing question because it involves many variables.
First things first, losing weight at its most basic level is nutrition: taking
in less calories then you expend or burn.

It may come down to not eating that bowl of cereal every night after you
already finished dinner or not eating cookies after a lunchtime salad
because you need something sweet to cut the taste of the salad!

However, you can also expend calories through consistent exercise
whether it is running, taking a spin class or by lifting weights.

Still confused about … What works best?
I tell everyone — do Both! For most people cardio activities are just
easier, they don't require much more than putting on a pair of sneakers
and going for a brisk walk, jog or dropping in on a spin class.

Many people are afraid of weights – I hear, I don’t want to get bulky; I
hurt back last time I tried to lift; I don't know what to do, where to start
or how much weight I should lift?

Here’s why I think Weight Training Works and Should Always be added
to every Fitness Program.

Cardio does not build muscle they way lifting weight does. You may
expend more calories but you will not build that lean strong body.

Accounting for intensity, muscle is more metabolically Active compared
to fat. The more muscle you have, the MORE calories you burn at
rest. Lifting weights as part of your exercise routine helps you create
an internal fat-burning machine. Muscles help burn fat, so the more
muscle weight you have, the more efficiently your body can process
calories and help you lose fat mass.

This means that the calorie-burning benefits of weights aren't limited to
when you are exercising. You may keep burning calories for many
hours afterward!

MY Answer….
1. What and how much we eat matters!
2. Prioritize your weight training – three times per week and add cardio
in as your bonus.
I am and will always be a big proponent of Interval Training — a
combination of weights, cardio and multiple levels of intensity.
3. Adding strength and muscle loading to your fitness mix adds so
many benefits and far out-weigh any fears or misconceptions.

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